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William and Rose Smith Drueke family in their 1910 Flanders Suburban
Middlesex Genealogical Society

MGS Publications

  • Publication No. 1, 1986. Table of Contents:
    • Founding of the Society, by Robert E. Fatherley.
    • Meetings of the Society from February 1983 to May 1986.
    • "Mustered into Service" (Connecticut's Volunteer Regiments in the Civil War) by Doris W. Hollander.
    • Spring Grove Cemetery Records for Fitch Soldiers Home Burials from 1883 to 1964, compiled by Doris W. Hollander.
    • Book review by Carl K. Moses of Saco Valley Settlements and Families. (Saco Valley is in New Hampshire.)
  • Publication No. 2, 1990. Index to 1989 Births, Engagements, Marriages, and Obituaries in the Darien News Review, Darien, Connecticut, by Thomas Jay Kemp and Vi L. Kemp.
  • Publication No. 3, 1990. Index to 1989 Births, Engagements, Marriages, and Obituaries in the New Canaan Advertiser, New Canaan, Connecticut, by Vi L. Kemp and Thomas Jay Kemp.
  • Publication No. 4, 1990. Index to 1989 Obituaries in the Litchfield County Times, Litchfield, Connecticut, by Vi L. Kemp and Thomas Jay Kemp..
  • Publication No. 5, 1990. State Veterans Cemetery at Spring Grove Cemetery, Darien, Connecticut:
    • Introduction by C. Scribner.
    • "Greet Them with Ever Grateful Hearts," by Doris W. Holander.
    • Index Map, 1956.
    • Funeral Homes.
    • New Section Plot Layout.
    • New Section Burials, 1967 to 1981.
    • Burials in Family Plots, 1891 to 1990.
  • Publication No. 6, 2018. Getting Acquainted with the Revised Version of, by Ted Bainbridge, Ph.D.
  • Publication No. 7, 2019. Following the Chaddertons, an Immigrant Darien Family, by John Driscoll. Appeared in the display case at Darien Town Hall in January 2019 to promote the Middlesex Genealogical Society. Included were census, immigration, and other documents for the Chadderton family that came to Darien, Connecticut, in 1892 and 1893 from Oldham, England. The family lived at 143 Post Road. Fred Chadderton was originally a barber and Ada a dressmaker. Eventually, they went into the insurance and real estate business. Ada continued in the business following the death of Fred in 1915 at age 53. Ada died in 1947 at age 80. Both are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Darien.