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Middlesex Genealogical Society

Tara Finn Forschino Family

Family Surnames

Baldwin, Blakely, Bliss, Bauer, Bower, Darling, Delaney, Dodson, Finn, Foley, Garrison, Geoghegan, Holahan, Houlihan, Lea, Miller, Moran, Mullen, Phillips, Ryckman, Shean, Springer, Wallace, Walsh, Yale

Family Locations

  • USA: New York, Connecticut, Maine, North Carolina, Virginia
  • Ireland: Counties Laois, Mayo, Offaly, Westmeath
  • Canada: Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia
  • England: Lancashire County
  • Germany: Bavaria


Bernice Foley
Tara's great Aunt Rita Bower, also known by her Vaudeville stage name of Bernice Foley.
The Foley Four
Tara's grandfather Lloyd Garrison Bower with his siblings performing as The Foley Four in Vaudeville.
Lloyd Garrison Bower painting
A painting by Tara's artist grandfather Lloyd Garrison Bower of Tara's mother and aunt.
Vivien Foley painting
A painting by Tara's great grandmother Vivien (Garrison) Foley of Tara's grandfather Lloyd Garrison Bower.
Beauty Rita Walsh
Tara's grandmother Rita Walsh wins a beauty contest in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Michael and Ann Moran Finn
Tara's great grandparents, Anne Moran and Michael Finn.
Levi Bliss Headstone
Headstone of Tara's 5th great grandfather, Levi Bliss, a revolutionary war veteran.
Vivien Foley poem
A poem written and published by Tara's great grandmother Vivien (Garrison) Foley.