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Samuel Anderson
Middlesex Genealogical Society

Using Facebook for Genealogy

Facebook is a powerful tool for genealogy research. There are thousands of genealogy groups in Facebook, closed and public, that you can join.

To use this tool, you have to join Facebook. If you are not already a member, go to Facebook. Once you’ve joined, type into the search box a country name or ethnicity or special interest topic followed by the word “genealogy” to see the various genealogy groups already created within Facebook. Ask to join. Follow the posts on your newsfeed. Jump in with your own question when ready.

Many genealogy groups in Facebook are “closed”, meaning anything posted can not be shared out of that group. It’s a great way to get immediate feedback on any genealogy question you might have without it being public on the internet.

Here are some “closed” group names that some of our members subscribe to:

  • Middlesex Genealogical Society (our closed group)
  • Norwegian Genealogy
  • Irish Genealogy
  • Dutch Genealogy
  • Prussian Genealogy
  • German Genealogy
  • Brooklyn History, Brooklyn Genealogy
  • Mayo Genealogy Group
  • Belarus Family Roots
  • Genealogy Translations
  • DNA Detectives
For more information on using Facebook groups and pages related to genealogy and history, see Genealogy on Facebook.