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Middlesex Genealogical Society

Peter and Marilyn Carroll Biggins Family



Family Surnames

Alleman, Berles, Biggins, Bitter, Breen, Carroll, Conway, Drüecke, Drüeke, Drueke, Fassnacht, Flannery, Foy, Gibbons, Grady, Graham, Green, Hartigan, Hauck, Hauser, Heller, Hesse, Higgins, Kenny, Knoche, Koch, Krämer, Lavo, McDonald, McDonnel, McNally, Meyers, Murray, O'Malley, Schickell, Schmitt, Schumm, Smith, Spiekermann, Stanton, Starke, Struck, Tracy, Walsh, Wittenmeier, Zugelder

Family Locations

  • USA: Chicago (Illinois), Grand Rapids (Michigan), Green County (Wisconsin), Sioux Falls (South Dakota)
  • Ireland: Stonepark (County Limerick), Derreennascooba (County Mayo), Drumgill (County Cavan)
  • Germany
    • Westphalia: Elspe, Helden, Niederhelden, Ostentrop, Schönholthausen, Heggen, Dorlar, Landenbeck, Altenilpe
    • Bavaria (now Hesse): Kassel-Biebergemund
    • Baden: Königheim
    • Württemberg: Andelfingen
  • Switzerland: Herbetswil (Solothurn)

Family History

Y-Chromosome DNA


Frances Foy Mural
"Advent of the Pioneers, 1851"  Mural 15' x 5' painted in 1938 by Frances Foy, second cousin of Emily Foy Biggins. In East Lobby of Chicago Main Post Office, 433 W. Harrison Street. Commissioned by U.S. Department of Treasury, Section of Fine Arts, for the Chestnut Street Post Office, where it hung opposite a mural entitled "Great Indian Council, Chicago—1833" by Gustaf Dalstrom, husband of Frances Foy. Photo by Mikal J. Sutherlin, U.S. Postal Service.
Drüecke house in Ostentrop
Oil painting of an idyllic scene in Ostentrop, Germany, just to the north of the intersection of Mittelweg and St. Lucia Straße. To the right is a house built around 1740, which was the home of Johann and Elisabeth Bitter Drüecke from 1790 to 1798, and their descendants thereafter. To the left is a half-timbered structure built by Johann Drüeke in 1786, prior to their marriage. The structures are now owned by two brothers, Andre and Markus Eckert, who are renovating them for use as their own homes. Between the two structures in the background is St. Lucia Chapel.
Bark Sophie
Bark Sophie. Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum). Bremerhaven, Germany. Ship that brought Franz and Regina Green Berles from Bremen to Baltimore in 1844.
William and Rose Smith Drueke in Flanders Suburban, 1911
William and Rose Smith Drueke with Irene, Joseph, and Marian in their Flanders Suburban, 120 Grand Avenue, Grand Rapids, 1911.
James and Charlotte McDonald Kenny
James and Charlotte McDonald Kenny, Chicago, circa 1940.
John Foy
John F. Foy at 2318 Sheffield, Chicago, age 83, 1931.
Carroll Family
Chicago policeman David Carroll, his wife Emma Starke Carroll, and children Catherine and Edward, circa 1910. David was born in Stonepark, County Limerick, Ireland. Emma's parents were born in Herbetswil, Solothurn, Switzerland.
Johannes, by Jacob Boettger, 1835
Ship Johannes by Jacob Boettger (German, 1781-1860), watercolor, 1835. Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum), Bremerhaven, Germany. Ship that brought the Schickell family from Bremen to Baltimore in 1834.
Leslie Biggins
Leslie Biggins, Naperville, Illinois, 1895, age 18.
LoreleyAdvertising poster for "Loreley" Sour Mash Whiskey
Wm. Drueke Co., circa 1903-1910.
Franz Berles, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, 1874. 1874 Grand Rapids Directory advertisement for the grocery store owned by Franz Berles.
Wm. Koch, Undertaker and Funeral Furnisher, 1875
1875 Grand Rapids Directory ad, for the undertaking business of William Koch.
Franz Berles, 1828-1884Franz Berles (1828-1884), one of four members of the first Church Committee of St. Mary's Church. Source: History of St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., 1557-1907.
Emily's First Communion, with Molly, 1886
Emily Foy at her First Communion, with sister Molly, 1886.