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The Middlesex Genealogical Society is located in the town of Darien, which is in Fairfield County, Connecticut, not far from New York City. Membership is open to all interested in family research, regardless of where they live.

The Middlesex Genealogical Society was established in 1982 for the purpose of encouraging those interested in researching their family history and to provide guidance to that end. The Society does not limit its focus to Darien or Fairfield County. It provides assistance for all researchers, wherever their ancestry leads.

A Newsletter is published quarterly.

MGS holds program Meetings on five Saturdays during the year in space provided by the Darien Library, presenting speakers on various topics of interest to all genealogists. These presentations are sponsored jointly by the Middlesex Genealogical Society and the Darien Library.

If you are new to genealogy, see our Getting Started page.

Volunteers are available at the Darien Library to help you with research problems, or just to get you started.

Member Pages display the genealogical interests of members and help them connect with distant relatives.

The MGS project at Family Tree DNA helps you understand your Y-DNA results and what to do next.

MGS is registered with the State of Connecticut, thereby giving members access to vital records at town and city record offices in Connecticut.

The MGS name is derived from Middlesex Parish, the original name by which Darien, Connecticut, was known before becoming incorporated in 1820. The Society's founders were from Darien and chose "Middlesex" to honor the town.

1789 Colles Map   The name "Middlesex" is shown on this portion of the 1789 map of Christopher Colles

Vertical road is the Country Road (now Old Kings Highway North)

N is north

x is Congregational Church

Z is Brookside Road

47 is miles from Federal Hall

Scofield is Darien Historical Society

Squiggly arrow is Goodwives River

Y is Sedgewick Avenue (to Oxridge)